We’ll let you into a closely guarded secret here at Plyvine.

We love salads.

That’s right. You heard it here first.

But we don’t just love any old salad. Certainly not those old, boring, dry ones – devoid of texture, flavour, and any ounce of creativity. The ones we’ve all mashed up in the race against time before our daily commute.

I’ll do better next time, we convince ourselves.

No. We love mega salads.

Because mega salads aren’t just any old salads.

Mega salads are packed with the greatest ingredients, the finest flavours, and crunchiest textures.

When you have a mega salad, you’re making a statement. Those co-workers in the staff room? They see you with your mega salad. They see your romaine base, rotisserie chicken, cucumbers, pistachios – topped with a sprinkle of feta.

No ham butty today.

And, oh, what are they? They ask, peering over their meal deal. Croutons, you reply.

Mega salads sound difficult to put together. But they’re really not.

Tuck into this infographic by The Hobson Homestead to revolutionise your lunch.