These days, we just love to reminisce about our old favourites.

Our childhood and youth were spent frolicking about in the great outdoors – until it was time to be called in for some well-deserved food.

But not before paying a visit to our favourite corner store for our much-loved confectionery, that is.

Flying Saucers were a tangy, sour treat as we envisioned a faraway world full of mysterious creatures.

While, coming back down to Earth, those delicate chocolate white mice looked just like the ones you remember seeing around the local takeaways.

But no playing session was ever complete without pulling off your best impression of chainsmoking Grandad with Candy Sticks.

And who can remember the Fizz Wizz Cherry Popping Candy?!

Some of our favourite candies are still with us – some have sadly said goodbye.

For those assorted goodies that are still with us, though, there always appears to be a consensus: we’re seeing less and less of our favourite sweets in each pack.

From jelly babies to gummy bears, skittles to starbursts – do you ever feel like you are being cut short of your favourite colours?

You’re in luck, because, thanks to CDA and their “research”, you can see just how many colours are in each packaging.