Over the weekend, I headed out to grab some food with friends at a popular local restaurant in town.

When our dishes arrived with beautifully-arranged food, we all couldn’t help but reach for our smartphones to take a picture.

It was almost a natural instinct – an urge – to capture this seemingly natural wonder that was crafted in the kitchen not ten metres away.

With a few questioning glances from an aged couple in the corner, we realised something: this is very much a trend that’s taken the industry by storm, particularly amongst younger people who are more active on social media.

Yes – ask anyone active on Instagram – it is now de rigueur to document and share your dining experiences through the app.

But not only are many of us using the media-sharing app to generate culinary clout – we’re using it to inform where we choose to eat.

In fact, research conducted by Italian restaurant chain Zizzi has found that not only do 18-35-year-olds spend five days a year looking at foodie images on Instagram – 30% of them will avoid a restaurant altogether if their ‘gram presence is weak.

Reacting to these trends, restaurants are shaking up dining environments to encourage influencers and foodie-philes alike to walk in and snap up shots of their favourite dishes.

Take a look at this infographic by Fundera to see how Instagram has disrupted not only consumers’ eating and sharing habits – but the whole restaurant industry, too!