Flat-white? Cappucino? Mocha? Americano? How do you like your coffee in the morning? Perhaps you have it with your morning papers or on your rush-hour commuter train. You might even  own your own coffee machine at home, full with a rack of speciality coffee pods.

Coffee has become a staple part of our culture. We often catch-up with friends and family at coffee outlets. We do our work in them. We socialise over a brew when times get hard. And if we’re trying to sell our homes, we proudly run the ten-year-old coffee percolator.

Yes, I’m looking at you.

Whenever and however we have it, coffee has become a huge component of our daily life – and plays an integral role in our leisure time.

But how much of it do you drink over the course of a day?

Around 70 million cups of coffee are washed back by Britons every single day, compared to the 165 million cups of tea. Whilst coffee is consumed throughout the day (and often into the evening) by our continental neighbours, most Britons fill their morning routine with a sip of coffee to give us the extra boost we need.

And it’s by firing up our bodies that explains why we’re so drawn to this beverage every morning. As a nation, we’re lovers of caffeine, and this stimulant is present in more drinks than you probably thought. Coffee is by far the most readily available and accessible beverage containing caffeine, though, and our love for it isn’t going away anytime soon.

But though many of us love to drink this chalice of vitality, most of us (including us) don’t know how coffee actually affects the body, and for how long.

Ready to see how your morning coffee sets you up for the day? LifeStylezz has it all in this infographic.