When it comes to hosting a dinner party or any other social function with friends and family – presentation goes a long way.

How food, cutlery, and implements are arranged really can influence the delivery of the night overall. It could just be the deciding factor for your guests.

Have you ever had dinner at a restaurant and felt it could have been that little bit better? Perhaps it was down to scruffy presentation, and the lack of thought for you as a guest.

Now, we’re not saying your table etiquette has to meet the standards required by Buckingham Palace footmen for a State banquet. You’d be there for days, if that was the case. No, literally – days.

However, just a few of these simple, basic table techniques and observations will make that dining experience all the more special and thoughtful.

At Plyvine, we love to help out when it comes to hosting social occasions, as we know how demanding and complicated they can be.

You’ll learn a lot about dining presentation in this infographic that hopefully will answer some of those pressing questions. Where do you place bread and glasses, for example? And in what order do you position knives and forks? And how do you arrange a butter plate?

When many of us think of table etiquette, it’s easy to envisage a world of specialist knowledge and mathematical perfection. And whilst it is something of a craft in palaces, getting it done in your home really doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Following this step-by-step guide will help you provide an amazing dining experience full of class (until that wine starts flowing).

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