Food waste is an issue that is growing in severity as our world progresses further into the 21st century. Up to 2 million tonnes of it ends up in landfill, consequently damaging our atmosphere and causing alarming levels of pollution. From farmers and retailers to average consumer habits, we all have a collective duty to take action and preserve the health of this planet for prosperity.

Food wastage is especially present amongst more developed, western nations. Research shows North American & Oceania are wasting around 1520 calories per capita – daily. Beginning this fight with a blame-game, however, isn’t going to get us anywhere. This is a global issue demanding global solutions, and we all have our part to play, no matter how minimal we think our actions may be.

So if you’re looking to cut waste, costs, and find novel ways of getting the most out of your food, Arbtech are on-hand to help get you started.