For individuals and businesses alike searching for catering in Birmingham, finding the right show and event catering specialist to take charge of the menu for your special occasion can be difficult. As a leading professional on the catering scene, our specialist service has catered to the crème de la crème of outdoor events and shows to deliver a food and drink selection that any organisation would be proud of.

What services can you expect?

Whilst many companies providing catering in Birmingham claim to offer the very best service for the lowest possible price, we don’t believe in delivering gimmicks, only really great food and drink. As well as having a proven track record working with agricultural, championship dog, trade, horse, car and boat shows, we supply a truly comprehensive service.
In addition to delivering a number of menu options, including bespoke menu planning, we can also provide trained staff, bar facilities and wider event planning for shows of all sizes.

Why enlist Plyvine Catering Birmingham?

With a huge list of high quality catering services provided by our team, businesses throughout the West Midlands can enjoy dishes made from the finest and freshest ingredients. With over 35 years of experience, your event or outdoor show will certainly be in the right hands.
Contact us today to discuss your requirements.