Have you ever cooked a delicious meal only to be slightly disappointed by your choice of wine?

We’ve all been there – any wine that clashes with our dish can lead to some amazing contortions of the face.

One of life’s delights is delicious food delicately balanced with the perfect wine – a combination that, when done right, makes for an unforgettable culinary experience.

As with any food preferences, pairing the right wine with your meal will always be subjective; we all have unique palettes that dictate our individual tastes, smells, and senses.

You may now be thinking about the one or two bottles of red tucked away in your cupboard – for special occasions, you insist. What could you possibly pair them with?

Plyvine’s top tip is to start building on your palette, experiment with new flavours, and gradually build up a reservoir of pairings that you can entertain friends, family, and guests with.

When pairing food with wine, the key word to remember is to make it complimentary. We’re not looking to overpower our tastebuds with our tipple, but rather add a new level of taste, texture, and smell to our dish. Only then can you bring out the best flavours from your favourite food.

Ready to get started? This infographic by The Gentlemanual has all the best food and wine pairings you need to know about – starting with sparkling white all the way to bold red for a bold statement.