What comes to your mind when you think of classic, delicious food pairings? Perhaps your biggest weakness is an evening tucked away with cheese, grapes, and a bottle of your favourite red.

Maybe your go-to treat is a gorgeous selection of salted caramel chocolate as an end-of-day treat before your favourite drama starts.

Or, you might be one of those who voted for the UK’s favourite food pairing – fish and chips.


What makes these combinations so timeless, enduring, and irresistible are their classic flavours that we just can’t get enough of. On a warm summer’s day, it’d be difficult not to think of cold ice cream with a crumbling, chocolate flake. Likewise, on a cold evening, we’ll want to snuggle up with marshmallows and hot chocolate. Combinations like these make our days better, and remind us of the healing power food has.

But when you’re hungry after staying late at work, would a peanut butter and marmite sandwich be at the top of your list? And what about a strawberry and basil slushy to quench your thirst?

When you’re longing for home comforts, does a banana and avocado snack get your tummy rumbling? And would you be unable to refuse a handful of pringles with nutella?

We can almost see your squirming faces right now!

As bizarre as these combinations may look on-screen, they may actually surprise you with their weird and wonderful flavours. And just when you thought some combinations just shouldn’t be attempted – who knows what else is out there that could taste amazing when put together.

We’ve created an infographic that will take your tastebuds on a journey you never thought possible.

So go on – no one’s looking. Try your hand at some of them below.