Let’s be honest. For many of us, when we’re heading out to catch up with friends or family and are about to indulge in a few drinks, we tend to assume that beers are the drinks to avoid in excess if we’re thinking about calories.

Though the heavier variety of hops at the bar will rack up the calories for us, cocktails come out on top.

On the face of it, cocktails appear far too innocent. They’re fruity, smooth, and have loads of ice in them. That’s always good, right?

Unfortunately, cocktails aren’t always on our side. Thrown into our most popular of cocktails are sweet mixers, syrups, and additives.

These are the hidden rebels that deceive us on nights out.

But we’re no party poopers – far from it, in fact.

Better the devil you know – here are 8 surprisingly healthy cocktails you need to try by Vinepair.