What good is a bacon butty without HP sauce? What’s a sandwich without Branston pickle? And what use is a scone without clotted cream (after jam, of course)?

When it comes to condiments, sauces, and dips, the British do it right. Our sauces are known around the world for their unique flavours, textures, and consistency. And if that doesn’t make you proud, we don’t know what will. (Don’t tell anyone HP sauce is actually manufactured in the Netherlands.)

Our Great British sauces can be used on a whole range of dishes. Making a cheese sandwich? Don’t forget your piccalilli dressing. Thinking about having some posh tea? You’ll need some delicious clotted cream and jam for that. Or are you about to tuck into a sticky toffee pudding? We hope you’ve got some custard set aside for it!

Our condiments are as diverse as our isles, and there’s nothing like a good, reliable condiment to top off a hearty meal.

In this new infographic, we’re bringing the best of British to your tastebuds. Enjoy!