Waiting for your meal to arrive in a restaurant can sometimes feel like forever. Countless waiters and waitresses with delicious food unknowingly tease you as they flitter past with mouth-watering dishes. ‘Is this mine?’ you think to yourself, after waiting five minutes. You follow the food as it’s placed on the table behind you. ‘We ordered way before them,’ you whisper to yourself.

And then, just as you start to lose hope, your food is suddenly under your nose and you may as well be in heaven. There really is no other feeling like it.

You scramble for the cutlery. You make sure you’re comfortable. Salt. Pepper. Perhaps a little garnish if you’re feeling up for it. You’re ready to go.

But wait.

You haven’t taken a picture of it. You need to take a picture of it.

How else is the world going to know just how great this food looks? At this point, your meal is the ultimate culmination of mankind’s culinary efforts. You need to digitally save this memory, this moment.

The angles are perfected, and your food is looking straight out of an M&S ad. You can breathe now, relieved that it’s been captured.

It’s the best one yet, and chances are, you’ll probably never look at it again.

Taking photographs of your food for Instagram is a big thing, showing we really do eat with our eyes.  It’s become a ritualised part of our dining experience. We often feel it necessary to capture and savour a moment with loved ones, and when better to do this when we share a meal with friends or family?

Bookatable has all the inside tips to give your food a new look.