For many people, they have a reputation for being rather dull, boring, and devoid of any flavour and texture.

How can a bowl of leaves ever sound good? is the question many people ask.

The truth is, salads are only as ever good as you make them – and you really do get out what you put in. The more vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens you experiment with, the greater the chance of creating something special.

Whilst we’re a big fan of cool salads in the warm weather, the amazing thing about these bowls of goodness is that they’re tasty – and easy to make – all year round.

Depending on the given season, you’ll find that you’ll have access to the best flavours, so you don’t have to worry about compromising on quality just because there’s no sun.

In the winter, for example, you can get just as much flavour out of a persimonn and mozzarella salad as you can with a summer zucchini salad.

The key is to be flexible, versatile, and confident in your cooking abilities. Salads don’t judge, remember!

So, get your mixing bowls and dressing ready, and tuck into this infographic by CookSmarts to help get you started.