Can you believe we’re already nearing those chilly autumnal months? It was only a week ago when we were wishing you a Happy New Year!

So far, 2019 has been a whirlwind of a year for us. We’ve been busying catering in woods, at weddings, and for corporate balls.

Truly, no week is ever the same for Plyvine, and there’s nothing we love more than combining our love for event management and catering – all to make our clients’ events that little bit more special.

And though we love to reminisce about our special past, we equally enjoy looking ahead to the future.

Predicting future food trends is something our team absolutely loves to do.

And so, as we push through to the final quarter of 2019, we thought we’d bring you a special infographic on potential foodie trends for the year twenty-twenty!

A few of these really will ger you thinking.

As 2020 is the year Japan hosts the Olympics, we’re expecting a special emphasis on Japanese cuisine around the world, with food bloggers and other media providing some pretty unique content for those looking to expand their palette and skills.

And for those not entirely into the sporting world, perhaps the growing popularity of 1920s-inspired parties will take your fancy more.

We’re expecting extravagant, glittering nods to Great Gatsby¬†and big-orchestra dance tunes to see through the night.

Hungry for more? Great – feast upon our latest infographic!