The Christmas Dinner.

It’s probably the best meal in the world.

Come 25 December, foodies across the UK will proudly rejoice over this amazing meal that’s shared with loved ones. Alas, even for the most honourable amongst you – ye who take up the computer/garden chair at the table –  The Christmas Dinner is unrivalled and always will be.

But, however confident we think we are – ‘this year I’ll finish it’, you declare – there are always leftovers to be had.

‘We’ve done it again’, Mum says, counting the mountain of roast potatoes and a fourth dish of stuffing that’s been sitting next to the Turkey baster and Nan’s Michael Bublé CD.

You’ve become acclimatised to Turkey stuffing butties during that strange run-up to New Year’s we don’t like talking about.

It doesn’t have to be this way. This year will be different.

Fortunately, the team here at Plyvine are going to support you. You’ll be surprised at just how far you can make your Christmas dinner – and money – go.

Have a read of this handy infographic by LifeHack to make your festivities go further this Christmas.