Herbal teas just make everything better. It’s true.

When we’re feeling a bit down, under the weather, or just a bit chilly – curling up with a herbal tea is one of the best ways to bring much-needed peace and tranquillity.

And, believe it or not, herbal teas are one of the best ways to fight – and help prevent – common ailments that set us back.

Herbal teas are, you guessed it, derived from brewing herbs, spices, or any kind of plant material in hot water.

They differ a little from your standard evening Typhoo in that their flavours are more pronounced, unique, and work wonders for clearing the airways and wrapping us up in warm balls of contentment.

You’re probably familiar with herbal tea’s most glorious champion – green tea.  Brewed with camellia sinensis leaves, green tea is the perfect way to detoxify our busy bodies and promote inner peace.

But there are loads more in the herbal tea family that you need to know about. So sit down, brew up, and indulge yourself in this infographic by Hello Glow.