We’re back with another infographic that’s about to blow your mind.

Life’s full of simple pleasures: freshly-washed bedding. Crunchy autumn leaves. Freshly-cut grass (if you don’t have hay fever). A warm, bubbly bath after a long day.

And a delicious, properly cooked egg.

And whether you prefer a fluffy scrambled egg, a soft poached one, or a runny yolk for your soldiers, eggs are such a delight thanks to their delicious textures and versatility. Whether you put yours in a salad, in a fry-up, or on a bacon and sausage sandwich, your love for them has no end.

But given that eggs are such a simple, staple ingredient, it’s surprising how many things can go wrong when we cook them.

From bland and dry scrambled eggs, right the way through to an overdone poached one, it’s easy to get it wrong when it comes to perfecting your favourite egg dish.

And it doesn’t even have to be what you’re doing to the egg itself – mistakes can easily happen all because you’re using the wrong crockery! Using stainless-steel pans, for instance, will more likely result in an egg that just can’t let go.

And that’s not fun for anyone.

But there are so many more things that can go wrong.

Are you finding a lack of flavour and moisture in your poached eggs? Keep seeing flakes of eggshells in your sunny-side ups? And are you still trying to perfect a beaten egg white? Then look no further – we’ve come to the rescue. No, honestly.

It’s no yolk – Take a look at this infographic by The Eat Down for a list of simple solutions for all your egg quandaries.