Whatever the occasion – whether it be a birthday, a holiday, or a one-off weeknight – we like to celebrate them with amazing, homemade treats. Great-tasting delights are the perfect accompaniment to any special social occasion, as well all know. However, we are all-too-familiar with the warnings that come with them from health specialists and the media. There’s nothing wrong with having those tasty treats in moderation – but they are, after all, treats for a reason.

It doesn’t have to be like this, you’ll be glad to know.

Simple and easy baking swaps will mean you get to enjoy those amazing flavours, and you won’t be made to feel as guilty for it. Amazing.

Now this isn’t to say that indulging in culinary delights will become a lot less exciting; you can incorporate many substitutes that will work to give you those flavours you have come to love and expect from your favourite foods.

For example, if you have a sweet tooth but are looking to cut down on your sugar consumption, switching to applesauce can still provide your baking treats with the sweetness they deserve. By saving at least 178 grams of sugar in each cup, you’ll feel so much better.

One tip that isn’t well-known amongst many of us is using pumpkin puree for vegetable oil. By swapping one cup of vegetable oil with pumpkin puree, you’re saving a massive 217.3 grams of fat.

These baking swaps aren’t asking you to revolutionise your recipes or go cold turkey on your favourite ingredients. However, small changes here and there can truly deliver on taste while improving your health.

Have a read of this infographic by Quill to give you more inspiration.