What does hair of the dog, vodka socks, and sheep’s brain all have in common?

That’s right – they’re all (quite questionably) hangover cures that people all over the world swear by to overcome their worst hangover yet.

I’m never drinking again, we plead, until we find ourselves off out again with friends, family, and work colleagues. And so the cycle starts again.

In the UK, we’re no stranger to our drinking habits.

In England and Scotland, for example, around 24% of us regularly drink over the Cheif Medical Officer’s guidelines.

Though the UK is well known for its penchant for hootch (around 11.60 litres per capita annually) – we’re definitely not alone.

Per capita, the French knock back 12.20 litres a year, the Germans 11.80 litres, and Belarus a full 17.50 litres.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones – all this drinking only ever means one thing: a nightmare hangover the morning after.

Take a look to see how we’re all coping with the devil’s water.

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