At Plyvine, we just love weddings.

No matter how traditional, modern, or avant-garde – weddings are special because they celebrate the unique lives of those about to walk away a married couple.

When it comes to weddings, though, it can be safe to say that the wedding reception has grown to become the most favourite, hotly anticipated part of the day.

Sure, the build-up is nice. The vows are romantic and draw out a tear from Nan who has a thing for the priest.

And seeing everybody scrub up is pretty nice, too.

But we all know what everybody is thinking when they’re waiting for the bride and groom to say their I dos.

Where’s the reception, and what time does it start?

In the West, at least, wedding receptions used to be as traditional as you could get them. For the more wealthy classes, you could expect flamboyant dining rooms, traditional music, and a chance to do business with aristocrats of the same cut. For the more modest couples, receptions were commonly held in the bride’s house, with guests enjoying a spread of food, music, and a chance to listen to stories about the couple.

Over time, as music halls and function rooms became more available, more and more people began to hire them out for their receptions.

Today, wedding receptions are as diverse as the next one, and contain some weird and wonderful things to keep guests entertained.

Games have always been present at wedding receptions – they’re a fun, easy, and affordable way to sprinkle loads of fun on the event.

From guess who to all-out beer pong, take a look at our infographic for 10 amazing wedding reception games.