If you were to ask Plyvine Catering for one unforgettable day that stops us in our tracks and reminds us why we love what we do, it would have to be the wedding day.

Ever since Plyvine became established back in 1980, we’ve catered for hundreds of outdoor events for people with varying tastes, fancies, and preferences.

It’s easy to imagine we get quite exhausted with weddings, right? Well, surprisingly, we don’t! Every wedding we’ve catered for has been such a unique event in itself – there really isn’t room for comparison.

And when we cater for these special outdoor events, we strive to make them as unique as the bride and groom themselves. Because we’re all different, and our occasions should reflect that.

From diaries to social media, guestbooks to gifts, it’s also true that there are so many ways to remember these special occasions for years to come when we get a bit old and forgetful!

We feel there’s only one way to truly capture the moments we experience, though, and that’s with photography.

Come rain or sun, when couples get married, you can be sure to see a wedding photographer crawling around getting those priceless snaps!

With weddings, though, there’s an awful lot going on. Our best tip? tailoring your photography around the inner workings of the day is a must if you are going to succeed.

Today, we’re bringing you another helpful infographic to help you smash life.

If you’re wondering how to take the best wedding photos, get your flash ready and read this expert guide from Tim Whiting Photography.