Hosting an amazing event for your special occasion doesn’t have to cost the earth. Around the world, more and more eco-friendly events are dominating the social scene.

As party-goers look for more fun while doing less damage to the environment, ‘green’ events are fast becoming the norm.

Socialites are heading out to the natural sun, ditching plastic cups, and rethinking their food chain. And it’s a move that naturally reflects the public mood.

Issues around sustainability, the environment, and global warming have been at the forefront of the public conscience for some time now. Currently in the UK, news reports are dominated by the disruption caused by Extinction Rebellion protests.

As these concerns gradually impact our everyday life, more and more people are making different choices to reduce their pollutant footprint.

Transport, food – and now parties.

Green events are considered a lot more eco-friendly thanks to the alternatives they provide party-goers around the world.

Outdoor venues rely much more on natural light, for example, whilst going paperless reduces damage to woodlands.

Whilst climate change can’t be solved overnight, it’s all about making the small changes.

Looking to make your next event eco-friendly? Take a look at this infographic by Weemss to help get you started.