Venues – they truly have the power to make or break an event. More often than not, when we remember events that were unpleasant experiences, the venue is quick to take at least some of the blame.

Whether you are hosting a conference, delivering a keynote speech, or simply hiring a public space for any occasion, choosing a suitable venue for your event can be a huge undertaking that requires forward-planning and an awareness of your audience’s expectations.

Obviously, you want to communicate with your audience in an inspiring, engaging way. And – it goes without saying – the choice of venue can ultimately dictate whether you achieve this or not. Choose a venue that’s too small, and guests will quickly feel cramped. Choose one too large, and you and your message will become lost to the air.

There are so many shapes, sizes, and styles that different venues have to offer, so it’s important you take the time to go with one that is right for you and what you have to say. Are you looking to choose a lecture-style venue? Or what about a circular one? How will you communicate with your audience as a result of these choices?

And we haven’t even touched upon the many other variables that come into play – location, accessibility, and cost just to name a few. Is your venue located suitably near public transportation and accommodation? What are the parking facilities like? And what kind of technology can they provide you? You may be interested in catering provisions for your guests – does your venue allow outside catering firms to use their space?

Clearly, there’s a lot to think about.

At Plyvine, we know it can be a long process – but totally worth it in the end. To make this task that little bit easier, we’ve created a great infographic to help you make those burning decisions.