Admit it- we’ve all been a bit fussy with our food at least once in our lives. If it isn’t Brussels sprouts we’ve turned our nose at then it’s been mushrooms or liver.

However – somebody has to say it:

Many of the foods that divide the population (more so than Brexit) are vital for a healthy, balanced diet.

We’re often told by trained dieticians that the food we often reject can rejuvenate in ways we didn’t know. It’s common sense, right?

This can be a tricky endeavour for those with children, however. Sometimes it feels like their palettes refuse just about everything we try and feed our little monsters. No matter how dedicated we are with choo-choo trains and aeroplanes – no matter how many incentives we offer – sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

Fear not. If you find yourself nodding helplessly as you read this, you’ve come to the right place. This infographic by MomJunction is here to save the day.

Read on to see how you can turn those food foes into friends. You never know – you may just find something for yourself, too!