No doubt you’re aware of the craft beer revolution that’s quietly rolling across the globe.

Up and down the UK – and indeed the world – microbreweries are serving up extraordinary tastes, textures, and aromas.

This adventure of the senses has captivated millions looking to expand their hop repertoire and learn more about the school of beer – that fabulous, indeed old fashioned – ritual that, for the last twenty years has witnessed something of a revival.

The arrival of the craft beer revolution has not been without its fair fight, however. Once upon a time, major pub chains would be fearful of the next Independent to hit the counter.

However, many now embrace this new turn to new experiences.

Craft beer has done more than quench the thirst of travellers, friends, and newcomers. It’s brought spirit back to towns and communities. Away from mainstream breweries, you’ll find individual flavours as individual as the towns they’re crafted in.

And as imperfectly perfect as the brewers themselves.

Craft beer doesn’t always need to be relished on its own, though.

More and more advocates are looking to complement their meals with expansive flavours.

Need the best pairings for your palette? Tuck into this infographic by Venngage for more!