The heart of every home is the kitchen, and whilst they’re one of the best places to spend our time, they do present a few hazards that it’s worth thinking about.

Come to think of it, cooking great food is actually quite dangerous. We use incredibly hot ovens, cut our veggies with sharp knives, and spill hot liquid everywhere we go.

If we’re not on the ball, kitchens present a health and safety crisis waiting to happen. Obviously, good common sense prevents all kinds from happening, but it’s important we look after ourselves, which is what today’s infographic is about.

Keeping kitchens safe isn’t just a necessity for the chef, either.

If your home is graced with younger members, or even furry friends, it’s especially important to keep an eye out for them.

For the vast majority of children (and even pets), the kitchen is one big playground. And whilst that’s actually quite true (we’re not ones for limiting creativity), they’re far more susceptible to chaos and injury than us adults. Most of the time.

If you’re susceptible to burning fingers, cut skin, and sprained ankles, you may be a great chef – but at what cost?

So, get your head down and take a look at our infographic to help keep you and your family in the kitchen.